How SizeCast Started

The idea for SizeCast started as a spreadsheet. I love data and what my family affectionately calls "recreational logistics", so it was only a matter of time before my baby daughter got a spreadsheet of her own.

Frustrated with the inconsistent sizing of baby clothes, I threw together a spreadsheet that compared her growth chart to the size charts of a few favorite brands. For over a year, I consulted this spreadsheet as I collected clothes for my baby. She is very tall for her age, and went through eight clothing sizes in 18 months, so there were a lot of wardrobe changes going on in our household!

Then in the winter of 2017, my husband suggested that I turn my spreadsheet into a website. So here we are. I hope that it helps you!

About the developer

Andrea Okerholm Huttlin is a robotics software engineer best known for her work on Roomba. When she's not enchanting household appliances, chasing her kids, or working on SizeCast, Andrea is also a semi-pro classical singer.

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