Stop guessing your kids' sizes!

Predict future clothing and gear sizes in your favorite brands based on your child's unique growth chart.


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 SizeCast follows AAP recommendations and will not recommend a child be placed forward facing before 24 months old, nor in a booster before 48 months old, even if they are otherwise eligible by height and weight. Your car seat may have additional fit requirements; SizeCast is not a substitute for reading the manual.

Save money on your kids' clothes

One of the best strategies to save money on kids' clothing is to buy ahead, before you need it, when it is deeply discounted. With a prediction from SizeCast, you can confidently buy clothes ahead of time and know that when your child is ready for them, they will fit in the correct seasons.

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Avoid awkward gift returns

So often, a cute outfit purchased a month or more before a holiday is too small by the time your child receives it! Avoid awkward returns by sharing your child's SizeCast with people who buy them gifts.

Plan for hand-me downs

Should you save your older child's clothes for your new baby? Will the hand-me-downs you received fit your child in the right seasons? Answer these questions easily with a SizeCast!

Are you lucky enough to have an ongoing hand me down partner? Generate a SizeCast for both children and compare them!

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